LCD Display Is Completely Blank

ShadeVision users might experience an instrument with an LCD display that has gone completely blank.

If the ShadeVision LCD display is totally blank, the instrument is either shut down or the screen contrast is set too low.  Please check the following in order:

  1. Tap the LCD screen to see if it was in “Standby” mode. 
  2. Undock the ShadeVision instrument, confirm that the black power cord is connected to the docking station and to a wall outlet, and then redock the instrument heal first and rock it forward into place.
  3. Raise the contrast on the LCD display.  With the ShadeVision instrument properly docked, open the program and select “Advanced Menu” and “Instrument Health” to access the screen contrast adjustment function.

If these suggestions fail to resolve the issue, contact the nearest X-Rite Service Center to have the instrument serviced.

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