LCD Display Does Not Respond To Touch

ShadeVision users might experience an LCD display that fails to respond to touch.

The ShadeVision instrument may need to be reset.  In the unlikely event that a reset of the ShadeVisionhand-held instrument is needed, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Undock the instrument.  The instrument might display, "Please calibrate the instrument" [OK].  If it displays, "Are you measuring the same patient?" [Yes].

  2. Select the button that has the ShadeVision instrument icon on it (to the left of the battery icon).

  3. Select [Off] and then [Yes] to the resulting confirmation window.

  4. The instrument will shut down.  Simply redock it and it will awaken.  The instrument has now been reset.

The ShadeVision LCD screen may also need to be calibrated. Use the "Advanced Menu" > "Instrument Health" function in the ShadeVision application to calibrate the screen.  Additional instructions for using the Advanced Menu can be accessed at the link below.

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