Laminates - Suggested technique for Virtual-Try-in / ShadeVision

Laminates - Virtual-Try-in Technique

Most dental laboratories that are using ShadeVision's Virtual-Try-in to quality check porcelain laminate veneers use the following technique:

  1. A stump guide or holder is fabricated to match the shade of the prepared tooth as closely as possible.  Use the same basic technique that is used to create stump guides for pressed ceramic restorations.

  2. Place the laminate on the stump guide.  Use a drop of veneer try-in-gel or suitable water-soluble, non-petroleum based gel such as K-Y Jelly between the laminate and the stump guide material to attach the veneer and simulate the final appearance with a clear bonding agent.

  3. Place the laminate and stump guide into the restoration holder using clear utility wax to hold it in place.

  4. The image below is from a restoration file containing two natural central incisors and two porcelain veneers for lateral incisors properly targeted for the Virtual-Try-in:

  1. Using ShadeVision's "Free movement" tool will then allow the user to drag these images next to each other in order to best simulate how they will blend in the mouth as shown below:

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