IT8.7-4 CMYK iSis testchart fails to read with iSis but can be read with iSisXL

"IT8.7-4 R CMYK iSis" or "IT8.7-4 V CMYK iSis" printer testcharts printed from MeasureTool will fail to read in a standard sized Eye-One iSis (not iSisXL).

The result is that the chart may need to be sized down slightly to successfully read.  The full sized IT8.74 testcharts will read correctly in the iSisXL.

Try one of the following to use the IT8.7-4 testchart in a standard sized iSis:
  1. Print the desired IT8.7-4 testchart to 97% of the original size or size it proportionally until the image width is 8.75".  After printing the testchart, the dotted line on the side of the testchart will need to be trimmed off.  Trim just barely inside the dotted line on the sides of the sized IT8.7-4 test chart.  This should allow the standard sized iSis to successfully read the chart. 
  2. A second option would be to create a US Letter or A4 sized custom testchart MeasureTool using the IT8.7-4 reference file.  This will create a three page testchart configured to successfully read in the iSis.

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