Instrument Communication Errors with Third-Party (non X-Rite) Software on PC

What to check when you are using a Windows PC, and you are encountering error messages or can't select the iSis or iSisXL spectrophotometer, using non X-Rite software, to make measurements or create ICC profiles.

You may see device instrument communication errors within third party software (GMG or CGS would be two such popular programs), where either the device is not available to be selected, or when error messages are displayed from the third party software program.

You may require newer i1 drivers to be installed on the system (from either an i1Match 3.6.2 download, i1Diagnostics 2.5.1 download, or with downloading ProfileMaker 5.0.10 software). Many third party software programs may install an older device driver, causing errors in device communications.

To fix this problem, just copy EyeOne.dll, EyeOneIO.dll, and EyeOne_iSis.dll from the ProfileMaker (version 5.0.9 and newer) program folder and replace them in your third-party software program folder (the DLLs should be located in the first level of the program folder). The new DLLs can be obtained by downloading and installing the new version of i1Diagnostics 2.5.1 as well.  Be sure to relaunch your software after replacing the files.

Please see the "i1iSis Driver Update" for more detailed instructions.

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