Instrument not connecting to software

***Please Note:
moving to the instructions below, please make sure that you are able to locate the 2 necessary files on your operating system to ensure that they did not get stripped out during the installation of the software or blocked from any type of anti-virus protection such as Windows Defender. The files that you will need are:

wnoted.exe which can be located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\X-Rite\InstrumentService
colormunki.exe which can be located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\X-Rite\InstrumentService\colormunki

The colormunki.exe should be a process that automatically launches from in the Startup folder. If this is not found here you may want to copy/paste it and place it there manually. This will cause the device to not automatically be recognized by the software. If they are not there you may want to remove the software in your Add/Remove programs and then do a reinstallation shutting off all firewalls and antivirus protection.


If device manager shows that the driver is installed correctly and you have already tried to Scan or Update Driver but the device is still not being recognized by the software, there may be an issue with 2 of the processes not being recognized by the software correctly.

With the device connected to the system follow these steps:

Open the task manager window by selecting CTRL + Alt + DELETE at then select Task Manager.


Under the Processes tab locate wnoted.exe and ColorMunki.exe.

Highlight them each one at a time then select End Process if available. You may not locate them both which is what is causing your connectivity issues. A warning box will come up on your screen that you will need to say Yes to confirm you are indeed ending the processes.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\X-Rite\InstrumentService and then locate the wnoted.exe and double click it. The screen may flicker but you will not see anything appear as this is only starting the process in the background of your operating system.

Next navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\X-Rite\InstrumentService\colormunki locate ColorMunki.exe and double click it. Again this is only to begin a process running so you will not be opening a window by doing so and you will only notice a flicker.

Launch the software and you should now be connected to the software and able to Activate and register your new ColorMunki.

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