I need to replace my batteries...how long should they last?

The following is an UNADVERTISED exchange policy. Management prefers to call it an “Internal Guideline” for the following products:

If the device is believed to be defective and no longer functional, it must be sent in for inspection. The Service Technician can ask for assistance from Applications if desired. If the device is proven to be defective, we will offer the following:

After 36 months - no discount off current list price

Follow these procedures:

  1. Customer contacts us and we determine that the device is defective.
  2. Customer sends the device in for testing.
  3. If it passes tests, it is returned to the customer and we will need to continue troubleshooting.
  4. If the device fails testing, we will SELL A NEW DEVICE (not a service replacement) under the suggested discount plan to the customer per X-Rite Marketing.
  5. The defective device is sent to manufacturer for testing.


The only exceptions are if the defective device is experiencing a known issue that Product Management has approved a free replacement. To date, that would include the “Rotary dial issue” with ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Design as well as the "Sticky diffuser arm" and “Corrupt password issue” with the ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro.

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