Importing Images into ShadeVision

ShadeVision v.3.01 allows the user to import digital images into work orders. The image must be either a jpeg or bmp. Keep in mind that the jpeg will increase the size or the work order by exactly the same as its own size. That is, if a 100KB jpeg is imported to a 500KB work order; the resulting work order will be 600KB. When a bmp is imported, that image will be converted to a jpeg and size compression will take place. For instance, a 1,000KB bmp might add just 200KB to a work order after being imported. Bitmaps tend to be much larger than jpegs and for that reason, the user might elect to use the smaller jpeg format for importing. To import an image - 1 - Select the file folder icon just above the "Average" tab in the "Group Editor" window while creating or editing a work order. 2 - Navigate to the location of the image be selecting the appropriate folder in the "Look in:" box in the "Import Image File" window. 3 - Simply double click the desired digital image or single click on it and then click the 'Open' button to create a "Snapshot" containing the image. 4 - Click the green check in the "Snapshot Editor" window to save the snapshot. 5 - After completion of the work order, the image will be selectable as a "Snapshot" when the work order is selected in the "Data Viewer" window.

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