Images are Pixilated and Grainy

Customer have reported that their uploaded images are pixilated and grainy.  In addition, the tooth image on the device goes black while targeting.


  1. ShadeVision user experiences an LCD image that becomes increasingly darker with subsequent measurements to the point that the targeted tooth is very tough to see on the display.
  2. Uploaded images that appear pixilated and grainy.
Probable cause:

User-added image

How to avoid this phenomenon:

  1. Have the patient seated upright as opposed to lying down.
  2. Make sure that the patient's mouth is fully open while targeting.  If the patient closes down around the tip while being targeted, any exhaled breath will go directly up the instrument's tip and gather on the optics glass.
  3. After targeting is completed for one tooth, pull the instrument away from the patient's mouth to select the next tooth.  Place the instrument against the patient's tooth only during the targeting process.
  4. In very rare cases, a patient might appear to be a heavy mouth breather.  This might require the user to ask the patient to either breathe thru their nose or hold their breath during targeting.


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