Image Problem...Strange Colors Displayed!

Customers may upload images that display with very strange colors 

ShadeVision work orders that contain a yellow/orange cast or wild, vibrant colors are most often caused by movement during the measurement capture.  While targeting with the ShadeVision instrument, there is a targeting progress bar on the LCD display that counts down from 100% to 0%.  Positioning can be adjusted while the bar is counting down.  The actual measurement is made AFTER the progress bar reaches 0%.  The user must be as still as possible at this moment until the final "beep". 

Common symptoms of movement during capture might contain images that include:

Some examples of these type of images are as follows:

User-added image

If the user is seeing this in their ShadeVision work orders, it would be advisable to make sure that they hold perfectly still AFTER the progress bar reaches 0%...until the "beep". 

If movement can be ruled out as a cause, then the instrument will most likely need to be returned to X-Rite for service.


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