i1Profiler Improvements in 1.1.1

Customers may want to know what improvements were made in v.1.1.1

Changes from the initial release version of i1Profiler (1.0 to 1.1.1)

Monitor Profiling Improvements

Monitor profiling with the new i1DisplayPRO colorimeter has been added.
Contrast ratio feature and choice of small/medium/large display patch set has been added.
Improved the luminance calculation from ambient light measurement.


Improved video card ADC/DDC support to allow more automatic control of video card/monitor combinations.
Corrected a condition that affected setting of LUT's (Look Up Tables) for multiple monitors on Mac.
i1Profiler will now turn computer screen savers off temporarily, while measuring display patches.

Printer Target Measurement Improvements

Target reading error checking algorithms have been improved. This will reduce error messages when reading targets. If you have encountered an error message when reading a printer target, and if the target appeared to have no obvious flaws, then upgrading to 1.1.1 is highly recommended. (Especially recommended for Epson 3800 users)

Mac targets are now correctly printed directly from i1Profiler. Users of i1Profiler 1.0 were previously advised to print an RGB target by taking a TIFF or PDF into Photoshop (CS4) or Adobe Color Printer Utility (for CS5 users). Now with i1Profiler 1.1.1, printing an RGB target on a Mac will now use the same correct printing path as Photoshop® (ie: No Color Management).

Performance and Operation Improvements

Corrected software crashes (with Windows 7). This is to eliminate the software quitting at the end of profile creation.
Corrected an issue where the user previously could drag and drop an RGB profile into a CMYK workflow (not recommended). This has now been blocked, and the user will get an error message if you accidentally do this.
An improved 64 bit HASP dongle driver is now installed with i1Profiler. (Mac only)

Improved XRGA and UV Support

XRGA importation will now allow the user to convert to standard of choice
I1Pro UV data is now tagged with the correct illumination condition
CGATS and CxF data sets are now tagged with the correct illumination mode
Profile optimization with correct UV measurement (iSis only)

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