i1Profiler crashes when measuring large charts or when saving the measurements or profiles

Created an RGB test chart with 3200 patches on an DIN A4 page size, which resulted in 7 chart pages. I tried to measure it with my i1Pro, but during the measurement procedure, the software chrashes randomly, sometimes after 2 pages, sometimes on the last page. I am on a brand new Windows computer, which exeeds the system requirements for the i1Profiler software. How can I solve it?There is a known issue, that measuring very large charts (above roughly 3000 patches) can cause performance issues like that the software quits unexpected, or that measurements cannot be saved or that a profile cannot be saved. This issue is also documented in the Release Notes of the i1Profiler software. The reason is, that the software needs to create very large temporary data files, which can sometimes cause the crash.

Here are some hints to work around it:

- Do not use charts larger than 3000 patches. If you are profiling digital printing systems like Inkjet printers with common paper types (matte, semimatte, glossy, photopapers, etc.), a patch number of 1500 -2000 patches will already provide very good profile results and you will not see high improvements anymore with larger number of patches. If you are using structured papers (fineart, canvas, etc...), do not enlarge numer of patches, but much better is to enlarge the patch width, e.g. up to 12 mm. This forces to take more measurements per patch (in scanning measurement mode), which will be averaged to a final measurement value for each patch. This improves measurement data quality more effectively than using a large number of patches.

- If you are using papers with only little or no amount of optical brighteners (poofing papers, photo papers, fineart papers...), use the 'M0 Scan Measurement Mode' only. This reduces the temporary data sizes significantly an minimizes the risk of software crashes. Note: M1 and M2 measurements would be nearly identical to M0 data on papers without optical bringtener. More information on the M0, M1, M2 measurement conditions can be found here: https://www.xrite.com/documents/literature/en/L7-510_M_Factor_en.pdf

- Restart i1Profiler software from time to time to release memory. If you have finished and SAVED your measurement data, then finished one profile and you intend to create a next profile, quit and restart the software before starting with the next measurements and profile creation.

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