i1Pro or i1Display2/LT Not Recognized by Windows PC

If you connect your i1 device to your Windows PC computer before installing the X-Rite application program you intend to use the device with, you will often encounter an error condition. Typically this will be seen when you open the X-Rite program (i1Match, i1Diagnostics), and you get a "device not found" message.

Possible Reason:
The hardware was plugged in before installing the software. This means that the software driver necessary for interfacing the i1Display to the computer was not present.

Likely Solution:

1. Open Device Manager. Either "Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > System > Hardware > device manager" OR press “Win-Key” + “Pause” Key and select > Hardware > device manager..

2. Under “Other Devices”, the i1Display will be marked with a yellow question mark and black exclamation mark. Right-click on the Eye-One display icon and select “Update Driver.”.

3. The Install Wizard will start, and the driver for i1Display will install correctly..


- Always install software before installing USB devices such as the i1Display.

- For a correct i1Display driver installation, the following files must be installed:



We recommend that you upgrade to the most recent Service Pack for Windows to avoid device connection problems.

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