i1 iSis and X-Rite Graphic Arts Standards (XRGA) Information

When using an i1 instrument, how will a user know if the measurement data is being transformed to X-Rite Graphic Arts Standards (XRGA)?

i1 Solutions (i1iSis, i1iO, i1Pro) - XRGA Information

The current i1 family will continue to conform to the leagacy GretagMacbeth standard until replacement hardware is developed. There are two options available to transform measurements from the i1 family of products.

Option 1:

For those that use the i1 instruments connected to 3rd party software that supports X-Rite Device Services (XRD), the software manufacturer should be contacted to confirm compliance or availability of an update to conform to XRGA.

Option 2:

For those that use i1 instruments that are not connected to software that supports XRD, the ColorPort Utility software can be used as the method to transform data from the old standard to the XRGA. See “ColorPort” for details on how the software works.

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