i1Display2 on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Upgraded my operating system and trying to use i1Display2.

i1Display2 is a discontinued product that is not supported on the Windows 8 platform or the new Macs from 10.7. While we have users that have tried to install the latest software on this operating system we do not advise this as the driver has never been tested and may cause a blue screen of death issue. The likely replacements for your system would be a ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro. 

The ColorMunki Display is a more streamlined and simple software interface that has few advanced options. The i1Display Pro has a lot of additional options as well as a variety of color target combinations. Both of them create monitor and projector profiles only. You can view product info at: 

ColorMunki Display


i1Display Pro

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