Freezing a ShadeVision Measurement

Customers may want to freeze the ShadeVision measurment in an effort to allow more time to properly target.When performing a tooth measurement with ShadeVision, the operator has approximately 5 seconds to properly position the instrument after selecting the 'Target' button on the LCD touch screen display.  During this 5 seconds the following will occur -
  1. A line-of-sight viewing window will assist the operator in positioning.
  2. The instrument will audibly "tick" and a 'Targeting' progress bar graph will appear on the display that counts down from 100% to 0%. 
  3. A "Beep" will indicate that the measurement is complete.  The actual measurement occurs after the 'Targeting' bar reaches 0% and is finished at the "Beep".  This is about one second.
The operator has two options for freezing the measurement in order to allow more time to reposition the instrument.  The instrument will allow for up to 30 seconds of freeze targeting.  ShadeVision will shut down after 30 seconds to protect the lamp from overheating.  The freeze targeting can be utilized in the following ways -
Using the 'Target' button
Press and release 'Target' and then quickly press and hold down on that 'Target' button (will now be labeled - 'Measure'), position instrument for up to 30 seconds and then release the button to IMMEDIATELY take the measurement.  The countdown WILL NOT resume after releasing the 'Target' button.
Using the 'Targeting' progress bar graph
Press and release 'Target' and then quickly press and hold down on the 'Targeting' progress bar graph located just below the line-of-sight viewing window.  The operator will again have up to 30 seconds to position and then release to take the measurement.  However, this time the "countdown" WILL resume and the measurement will be made after the 'Targeting' bar reaches 0%.
***Note - Press and release the 'Target' button and then press and release it again to measure immediately.

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