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FAQ: Printing Canon test charts without color management

Details on how to print profiling test charts to Canon inkjet printers without unwanted color management.The current range of Canon photographic quality inkjet printers includes the Canon PRO 1000, PRO 2000, PRO 4000, and PRO 6000 printers. When you print to these printers via the Canon printer driver you will not find the option to choose "No Color Management" when printing a file, as you may have done with earlier model Canon inkjet printers.

These Canon printers also offer the option to print a PDF or JPEG file from a USB drive, but any file you print in that fashion will have some degree of color management, so you won't want to use this method for printing profiling test targets.

When creating a custom printer profile for any printer, it is very important to make sure you aren't applying color management settings to the target itself. If you accidentally print a color managed target file, the resulting profile will have a much smaller color gamut than the printer/paper combination is capable of.

When you print a test chart from i1Profiler software directly to the Canon printer, the i1Profiler software is not applying a color profile to the file, but the Canon printer driver will. The correct way to print profiling test charts to these Canon printer models would be to save the targets out as a TIFF file (the SAVE button is immediately to the right of the PRINT button in i1Profiler software).

Now that you have the TIFF files for the test charts, you will want to open up Canon's Print Studio PRO, which is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop. Canon also makes this utility available as a separate program, and can be found on the Canon website.

Once you have Print Studio PRO open in Photoshop, this utility will offer you full control of the options these printers offer, and most importantly, allow you to choose "No Color Management" and then correctly print the targets you will measure to build a custom printer profile using i1Profiler software. Targets printed in this manner will not have color management settings applied, but will correctly identify the paper type and resolution used.

Technical support for Canon's Print Studio PRO software is available from Canon Support, either from their website or by telephone.

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