FAQ: How to find where the Mac hides the Library folder

How to find the "hidden" Mac Library folder where profiles are stored.There are many ways to show the Library folder where the Mac OS stores monitor and printer profiles. The easiest and least intrusive way to find those profiles (at least in our opinion), is to start from the Mac Desktop (Finder level).

Now display the GO menu, and then hold down the Option key. At the top of your Mac screen starting at the top left, you'll see the Apple icon, then Finder, File, Edit, View, GO, Window and Help. You want the GO menu. Now midway down this GO menu, Library will be added to the list. Now you can select Library and once inside that directory, browse to ColorSync, and then inside ColorSync is Profiles.

Many people open up their Mac boot drive, scroll down alphabetically to the L's, open up Library, ColorSync and Profiles, but aren't finding the profiles they seek. That's because the Mac OS has more than one "Library" folder, but your profiles are being saved into that "hidden" Library folder found via the GO menu.

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