Facility Activation File imports, but no facility is listed!

User imports the Facility Activation File, but no facility is listed!

Do not rename Facility Activation Files!

Exchanging Facility Activation Files (*.faf) is mandatory in setting up communication between a dental office and dental lab.  Follow the directions on the ShadeVision training CD, ShadeVision's software help file, or the web article entitled "Facility Activation File Instructions" at the link below.  When saving the *.faf, do not rename the file!  Renaming the *.faf will make the Facility Name invisible to anyone that imports the renamed *.faf.  When importing a renamed *.faf, the user might receive "The Facility Activation File was successfully received".  However, no facility name will appear in this system's "Active Facilities" list.  To remedy this -

  1. Have the exporter (almost always the dental lab) resave their *.faf and send it to the other facility (usually the dentist) for importing.  DO NOT RENAME THE FILE! 

  2. Any changes to the facility name should be made prior to saving your *.faf by going to ShadeVision's "System Settings" - "Database" - "Edit" tab and then select the "Edit" button in the "Your Location" box.

  3. Import the *.faf at the desired facility as normal and then check the "Active Facilities" list to verify that it truly was imported.

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