Facility Activation File Instructions

Dentist cannot select their dental lab to send a work order to.  They need to have the lab send their Facility Activation File (*.faf) to the dentist. Facility Activation File Instructions

NOTE – You must register your software before entering your local facility information.

To set up your Facility Information –

Select System Settings from the ShadeVision home screen. Click on Database and then the Edit tab. Select the Edit button in the Your Location box to edit or enter you facility information.  Use the Edit Facility Info dialog box to create or change the information about your current laboratory or office facility. This allows you to send an activation file to another lab or to a dentist so they can exchange work orders with you.

  1. In the facility Name box, enter a name to identify your facility.

  2. In the box E-mail address, enter the E-mail address of your facility.

  3. Fill out all the additional information you want to include.

  4. When you have entered all necessary information, click on the green check to save the data and close the window.

You may now create and export your Facility Activation File


Facilities Tab

The Facilities tab makes it possible for you to create an activation file for your facility and to import information files from other facilities. The Active Facility list shows all the facilities that can currently exchange information with yours.

IMPORTANT: To send a restoration from your facility to another, you must first receive the activation file (*.faf) from that facility. Similarly, if you want another facility to send you a work order, you must first send them your activation file.

If an activation file arrives as an e-mail attachment, simply double-click that attachment to add that facility to your Active Facility list. If it arrives on a floppy, just open the file from that drive and it will be added to your Active Facility list.

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