Error Launching i1Profiler Software

i1Profiler was installed or updated to v1.3.1 but launching the programs errors with a message showing, "The Procedure entry point kxrdDeviceCommandBeginCalibrate could not be located in dynamic link libray X-RiteDevice.dll."

i1Profiler Entry Point Error

This message is happening due to a dynamic link library file that the software needs that either was deleted or corrupted during the installation. Our development team is currently working on a permenant resolution to this issue however the workaround in the meantime would be to contact our support staff to replace this file.

In many cases rolling back to v1.2.1 will resolve this issue however as there have been many enhancements and fixes to the software that is not the ideal solution. Please contact our Application Engineering and Technical Support Department by opening a webcase or email your details to

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