Error #2 - Ambient Light Error

Customer is receiving "Error #2" when measuring a tooth with their Shade-X

There has been a firmware upgrade to Shade-X that will greatly reduce the likelihood of this error taking place.  The current Shade-X firmware version is "v08602" (released 6/02/08) and it replaced "v07A31".  If a user is experiencing an "Error #2" message while measuring, please check to make sure the instrument is using the current firmware by turning on the instrument and noting the firmware version that appears in the lower left corner of the initial launch screen on the LCD display.  To receive the free firmware upgrade, contact X-Rite Customer Success at: 888-826-3044.

If the instrument is using the current firmware, Shade-X will display "Error #2" when there is too much ambient light present during measurement.  Follow these tips to minimize the chance of seeing this error:

  1. Patient should be seated upright, not lying down.
  2. Ensure that the examination light is not pointed into the patient's mouth.
  3. Tip must be flush against the tooth.  Using direct vision during targeting can help detect tilt in the instrument.
  4. Allow the patient's upper lip to rest on the instrument's tip to limit the influence of overhead lighting.
  5. Avoid bright fluorescent lights during measurement.


Click on the Additional Information below entitled "Shade-X Best Practices" for additional tips. 

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