VS450 Driver v2.0.3

Download: VS450 Driver

Version: v2.0.3

Previous Version: N/A

Release Date: 12/1/2009

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download: PC Version


This application includes the drivers for the VS450 when used with Color iQC/iMatch V6.2, X-Color QC V2.1.1, and X-RiteColor Master V8.2. It also can be used with the Targeter application which is used in conjunction with the VS450-800 Mounting Stand for setting proper measurement distance of the instrument.

Installation Instructions:

Without having the VS450 connected to the PC

1. Install the application software (Color iQC/iMatch V6.2, X-Color QC V2.1.1, or X-RiteColor Master V8.2)

2. Next install the VS450 driver (this file)

3. Finally , connect the VS450 to the PC using the USB cable, and follow the on-screen instructions.

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