PANTORA v1.5.0


Version: v1.5.0

Previous Version: v1.4

Release Date: May 3, 2019

File Type: Self-Extracting EXE

Download File: PC Version



Before using Pantora 1.5 it is necessary to upgrade the TAC7 Firmware to and to install the supplemental_calibration_pack_1.5.0

Firmware upgrade and supplemental_calibration_pack installation is done with TAC7Diagnostics, which all can be downloaded here.

Pantora 1.5 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • Basic support of translucent material workflow (AxF 1.6), including
    • Measurement on a new black-white back plate with an optional chip sample holder
    • Rendering of preview images, but no OpenGL rendering in Viewer yet
    • Display, export, and import of spectral absorption and scattering coefficient
    • Rendering of translucent AxF 1.6 materials with the AxF VRay Plugin 1.2 for Autodesk Maya and 3dsMax
  • Support of distributed processing on several workstations. Please refer to the Pantora User Guide section “5.6 Distributed Processing”
  • Improved color calibration for better color accuracy and reduction of blueish tint on dark materials
  • Improved fitting, especially for metals:
    • Better color reproduction
    • Reduction of artifacts
    • New experimental option for materials with spatially constant color
  • First version of a Metadata Definition Editor (separate tool in the application directory)
  • Basic BRDF export of Carpaint materials for export format “Texture Image Files”
  • Export of thumbnails from Export section and from Properties Editor
  • Improved UI for ROI selection (Maximize, Center)
  • UV-map checker AxF file, single-sided geometries and VLB scenes added (for improved OpenGL rendering of transparent and 3D materials in Viewer and VLB)
  • Added support for material thickness sensor

Other Downloads here:

PANTORA Distribution Server v1.5.0
PANTORA Processing Node v1.5.0

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