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Version: v1.4

Previous Version: v1.3.1

Release Date: August 16, 2018

File Type: PC - EXE File

Download File: PC Version


IMPORTANT: After installation of Pantora 1.4, it is necessary to perform the TAC7 calibration before any measurements.

Pantora 1.4 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • Support for spatially varying Fresnel maps (including export to VRay)
  • Improved post-processing:
    • Improved car paint color accuracy by optimized color table interpolation
    • Fixed clear coat normal map for car paints
    • Improved SVBRDF color fitting. Removed the requirement to specify the highlight color. Reduced noise in specular color map for dark glossy materials. Fix issue with complementary specular to diffuse color.
    • Improved SVBRDF fitting of glossy materials
    • Improved SVBRDF fitting of anisotropic materials
    • SVBRDF fitting improvements that render material type “3D Textile” obsolete. Instead material type “Textile” or “Other” should be used for processing.
    • Reduced SVBRDF fitting time
    • Stabilized post processing
  • Improved accuracy of OpenGL rendering with environmental lighting (in particular for GGX materials)
  • Improved scenes and objects for the VLB (with better tessellation)
  • Support for approval workflow on VLB 1.1.1
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts in Viewer and Editor

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