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PANTORA v1.3.1


Version: v1.3.1

Previous Version: v1.3

Release Date: March 23, 2018

File Type: PC - EXE File

Download File: PC Version

Notes: Important for customers with transparency unit:

Pantora 1.3.1 has an improved support for measurements of transparent materials. This requires an upgrade of the device software configuration and an extended calibration of the diffuser plate. Please call an X-Rite service technician to do this upgrade.

You may use Pantora 1.3.1 without upgrading, but you will not be able to calibrate the diffuser and measure transparent samples with Pantora 1.3.1 For these tasks you still need to use Pantora 1.2.

Pantora 1.3.1 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • Improved post-processing:
    • Accelerated processing speed, in particular for GGX materials
    • Artifact removal in specular and roughness maps, in particular for materials with height and alpha maps
    • Noise reduction in specular and roughness maps
    • Fitting improvements for highly transparent materials
    • Post-processing stabilization on multicore machines
    • Progress bar for postprocessing is now more linearized
  • Added map export optimized for standard Unity Shader
  • Acceleration of prescan
  • Added slider for tessellation quality in the Pantora viewer
  • Background switch for transparent materials

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