Download: PANTORA

Version: v1.2

Previous Version: v1.1.2

Release Date: 07/17/2017

File Type: PC - EXE File

Download: PC Version

Notes: Pantora 1.2 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • Support of Virtual Light Booth (VLB) including
    • Device control
    • Upload and update of scenes and materials to VLB
    • Creation and editing of scenes for VLB
    • Definition and assignment of material placeholders
  • AxF 1.4: Support for Alpha maps
  • Support for the alpha map workflow:
    • Measurements and fittings with Transparency option
    • Editing of alpha maps
    • Calibration of the diffusor plate
  • Optional output and support of displacement maps
  • Improved Editing:
    • Support of non-rectangular cropping
    • Improved Texture Synthesis with better usability
    • Improved gradient removal for low frequency modes
    • Saving/loading of editing presets
    • Editable Fresnel using intuitive Sheen parameter
  • Improved fitting with accelerated speed, reducing number of artifacts
  • New Viewer with better visibility of selected objects and assigned materials. Object loading and manipulation is improved, as well
  • New environments, objects, and scenes, including assets for sample holders and swatches for VLB
  • Improved texture export
    • Anisotropic SVBRDF materials are now supported
    • Export into HDR image formats
  • German and Japanese language support
  • More minor improvements like “Open axf in explorer”, support of Unicode characters, keyboard shortcuts

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