PANTORA v1.1.2

Download: PANTORA

Version: v1.1.2

Previous Version: v1.1.1

Release Date: 12/09/2016

File Type: PC - EXE File

Download: PC Version

Notes: Pantora 1.1.2 is a maintenance release which conatins the following improvements:

  • Improved fitting for materials with white speculars. It generates a better Fresnel appearance
    for all material classes.
  • Use of additional measurement data for more reliable results.
  • Improved Autoexposure parameters which lead to less artifacts and better heightmaps.
  • Fixed measurement failures on very dark or glossy materials (switch on projector).
  • Improved export scripts for Maya MentalRay/VRay and VRED.
    • Relative texture paths supported.
    • Support for new Maya color management starting with Maya 2016.
    • Material editor update in VRED.

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