PANTORA Processing Node v1.6.0

Name: PANTORA Processing Node

Version: v1.6.0

Previous Version: NA

Release Date: July 10, 2019

File Type: Self-Extracting EXE

Download File: PC Version



If you did NOT upgrade from Pantora 1.5 or later, it is necessary to upgrade the TAC7 Firmware to and to install the supplemental_calibration_pack_1.5.0

Firmware upgrade and supplemental_calibration_pack installation is done with TAC7Diagnostics, which all can be downloaded here.

Pantora 1.6 is a maintenance release which contains the following improvements:

  • AxF 1.7 Energy Preserving SVBRDF (EP-SVBRDF)
    • Natively supported by Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE platform
    • Conversion of existing AxF 1.5 SVBRDF with GGX and AxF 1.2 CarPaint can be done in Editor
  • Support an additional compatibility representation for a material in the same AxF file
    • Enables backwards compatibility for EP-SVBRDF by an attached AxF 1.5 SVBRDF
    • Enables use of CarPaint in Dassault 3DEXPERIENCE platform by an attached EP-SVBRDF
    • Automatic synchronization of compatibility representation on changes in the Editor
    • 3rd party integrators automatically choose the best supported representation
  • New BRDF fitting program for optimized spatially uniform AxF at reduced post-processing time
  • More robust CarPaint fitting for small samples

Other Downloads here:

PANTORA v1.6.0
PANTORA Distribution Server v1.6.0

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