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PantoneLIVE Ink Validation Software

Name: PantoneLIVE Ink Validation Software

Version: v1.0.7 Build 3

Previous Version: v1.0.7 Build 1 (win), v1.0.6 Build 2 (mac)

Release Date: January 31, 2019

File Type: ZIP file with installer

Download File: Mac Version PC Version


The PantoneLIVE Ink Validation Tool works within the PantoneLIVE ecosystem to help converters measure tonal values within a digital workflow. The Ink Validation Tool was developed specifically to help converters comply with the Print Quality Protocol (PQP) within their digital workflow.

Ink Validation is available as a free download and requires an existing PantoneLIVE Production license (SKU: PLV-PRD) to access PantoneLIVE data.

A license can be purchased on our website here, by contacting, or by calling 1.800.248.9748.


Follow the directions below to get started today.

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If not already installed, download and install the PantoneLIVE Cloud Sync application: Mac | Windows

For product support or help with the installation, please contact

Step 1: Specification

Search for the PANTONE Master standard; then select the relevant dependent standard or standards.

Step 1


Step 2: Ink Validation

  After making the drawdown, take three measurements:

  1.  Read the solid.
  2.  Read the substrate.
  3.  Read the 50% midtone tint.

Step 2


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