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eXact Manager v1.6.3680

Name: eXact Manager for MAC

Version: v1.6.3680

Previous Version: v1.6.3677

Release Date: October 3, 2018

File Type: MAC - Mac Disk Image

Download File: MAC Download


Software to run and set several configuration options in the eXact instrument, such as: View and edit all configuration settings, Backup/Restore configuration settings, review instrument condition and run diagnostics, view/edit/transfer color libraries, job templates, tools and more.

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • New: Support for New eXact Basic model
  • New: Direct access to latest G7, Fogra, PSO, Japan Color job templates
  • New: Added support for "Density/TV Quick Tool"
  • New: Added support for "CIE-L*a*b* Quick Tool"
  • New: Added support for all new settings of eXact, incl. SCTV settings and BestMatch configuration settings
  • New: Added support for latest G7 standard requirements, including tolerance settings for wdL (weighted delta L) and wdCh (weighted delta Ch) values
  • New: eXact Date/Time gets synced with eXact Manager
  • Fixes -Paper Density calculation issue
  • Fixes display issues with 4K Monitor
  • Other bug fixes

Additional bug fixes since eXact Manager 1.6.3671

  • Fixes an issue with sending Job Templates to or from the eXact in non-English setting

Additional bug fixes since eXact Manager 1.6.3677

  • Fixes issue for transferring Job Templates
  • Fixes issue for transferring Usre Profiles
  • Fixes calibration issue when instrument is closed
  • Other bug fixes

X-Rite recommends to use firmware version 3.0 or later with this update.

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