ColorCert Suite v2.6.7 b411k

Download: ColorCert® Suite

Version: 2.6.7 build 411k

Previous Version: 2.6.6

Release Date: 6/15/2016

File Type: PC - MSI Installer & MAC - Mac Disk Image File

Download: PC Version  Mac Version

History: Previous version is 2.6.6

Notes: ColorCert 2.6.7 is an upgrade recommended to all current ColorCert users. This is a maintenance release to address some specific challenges related to customer workflows. For detailed information related to this version please review the “release notes” in the software installer or in the root directory of the application after installation. This release is also available within the ColorCert Desktop software by navigating to the ColorCert Chooser / Window / "Check for Recommended Update…".

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