Color iQC-iMatch v9.7.50.1

Download: Color iMatch - iQC

Version: v9.7.50

Previous Version: v9.7.20

Release Date: 06/21/2017

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download: PC Version

Notes: In addition to supporting Ethernet interfaces for on-line system connection to Ci7600 and Ci7800 spectrophotometers, Version 9.7.50 includes the following changes:

  • Preview image of Ci7800 no longer clips the top portion of image.
  • Corrects PantoneLIVE DRM issues with exporting/importing different data types
  • Removes MAPIEX support – submit files [QTX or CxF] are sent to the outbox folder only, only job attachments can be mailed from within Color iQC. [Microsoft has listed MAPIEX.dll as unsafe]
  • Increased size and displays larger graph within industrial manual correction dialog.
  • Spectral Plot now contains a legend on-screen and identifies as many curves as is possible on the right hand side
  • Spectral Plot now uses a dashed line to indicate spectral curves of extended data [such as SPE, Over Dark, etc.]
  • User not allowed to measure if NetProfiler is expired and system settings are set to NOT allow expired profiles.
  • Remote RDP or Citrix users using remote spectro drivers would fail to connect to spectrometer after the log file reached maximum size, new iQCRemoteClient installers correct this issue
  • Ci7800 UV Calibration dialog reporting an error on Tint Value having too many characters has been corrected
  • CE7000 driver now supports decimal precision of 3 decimal places

The complete list can be found in the Version 9.7.50 release notes.

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