Color iQC-iMatch v9.7.10.1

Download: Color iQC, iMatch

Version: v9.7.10.1

Previous Version: v9.6.10.5

Release Date: 11/30/2016

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download: PC Version

Notes: Version 9.7.10 includes the following:


  • Textile Corrections has 2 new user settings for limiting or dampening correction factors to prevent large correction factors
  • Textile Corrections has new alternate correction method using the trial as a fixed colorant. This allows automatic corrections when the match engine is unable to formulate the trial to calculate correction factors
  • Textile Corrections prompts user when large correction factors are calculated and allows the user to switch to alternative method
  • Spectral Deviation value is now calculated for Textile formulations and can be used with Optimum Scoring to select the best formula for curve fit to the target. Previously, Spectral Deviation was only available for Multi Flux formulations
  • New QCTreeView right click menu option for adding a comment to a selected measurement in the tree (a button is also available in the QCTreeView header when the system is a QC system)
  • New user setting for use UTF-8 encoding for Remote Output files and Formula output files (default is to use MBCS encoding)


  • Import of data from PantoneLIVE CxF files with 4 spectral sets (M0-M3) will rearrange incoming spectral sets to fit the internal M0/M1/M2/M3 order
  • Opening a job created on a Color iQC system with an Color iQC Basic license will ignore the database folder specified in the incoming job and only use the folder specified in the system settings. Note: The creator of the job must disconnect the job from the database before sending the job to the Basic system, otherwise the iQC Basic system will not connect to its default database
  • ToReplicate database table column name REP_TYPE changed to REC_TYPE

The full list of new and modified features can be found in the release notes.

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