Color iQC-iMatch v9.6.10.5

Download: Color iQC, iMatch

Version: v9.6.10.5

Previous Version: v9.5.10.5

Release Date: 10/07/2016

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Executable

Download: PC Version

Notes: Version 9.6.10 includes the following:

  • Orange Juice transform provided for the Ci7600
  • User setting for starting wavelength for strength calculations
  • New control on QC Filter bar allows selection of Spectral Set to use for Calculation and display of data
  • Textile Corrections now uses a new user setting (Maximum and Minimum Correction Factors) to limit the amount of correction factor applied to a correction
  • Dot Area and Dot Gain values are always calculated using relative mode (paper density subtracted if substrate was measured) . Density values are reported based on setting of “Calculate Relative Density”

In addition, this release corrects the following issues:

  • Download standards to SP62 did not pause long enough for SP62 to set the Standard name, resulting in stored standards with a blank name
  • X-Rite SP6x legacy driver did not wait for a triggered read, resulting in a blank reading immediately returned
  • CE7000A did not change UV Filter back to calibrated position from UVExc position when switching modes
  • Upload of data from eXact used the current calibration mode value for UV filter instead of illuminant filter setting for the stored sample/patch in the eXact
  • VS450 connection issues
  • eXact connection issues when using Bluetooth
  • eXact Scanning mode issues when using RemoteUSB connections

The full list of new and modified features can be found in the release notes.

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