Color iQC-iMatch v9.5.10.5

Download: Color iQC, iMatch

Version: v9.5.10.5

Previous Version: v9.4.60.1

Release Date: 5/2/2016

File Type:PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download: PC Version


Notes: Version 9.5.10 includes the following:

  • Additional industry standards:
    • APHA support for CI7800
    • Gardner Color Index
    • ASTM Color Index
    • Saybolt Color Index
    • AATCC TM203 Light Blocking Index
    • DIN 55979 Carbon Blackness Index
    • G7 Substrate Compensation
  • Connectivity to ColorCert Scorecard server to enable broader workflow integration and connectivity
  • Integration of PantoneLIVE SDK with improved digital rights management [DRM] and enhanced user experience
  • Remote output now supports multiple illuminants and export of formula cost and DE
  • New Optimal Strength procedure that calculates the theoretical percent strength value of a sample that will result in the lowest DE color difference to the standard
  • Expanded search and filtering capabilities:
    • Search and recall functions now allow entry of Group Tags both manually and from a drop-down list
    • New setting to prompt users when Auto Promote finds multiple possible standards that meet the match criteria
    • Database Tag Viewer has new date filter for “Reviewed Date” in addition to “Submitted” and “Due Date” filters
  • Improvements to instrument interface:
    • The number of measurement steps allowed in a CI64 remote job has been doubled [from 10 to 20]
    • Improved robustness and measurement speed for Online Editions running in a Citrix environment - now supports Citrix USB port redirection, eliminating need for remote driver installation
  • Improvements to graphical controls:
    • Trend Plot properties now contains a Font Size setting that allows the user to adjust the font size
    • Color space and trend plots are now fully localized

The full list of new and modified features can be found in the release notes.

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