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Color iQC-iMatch v10.0.60.1

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v10.0.60.1

Previous Version: v10.0.50.1

Release Date: September 23, 2019

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


Notes: In addition to correcting several maintenance issues, Version 10.0.60 includes the following usability and performance improvements:

  • User setting and logic added to enable or disable formulation and correction functionality using an IFS Collection. The default is to not allow any use other than to convert to an EFX Collection.
  • To simplify data migration, opening a job will now automatically replace an IFS Collection with an EFX Collection of the same name.
  • Or, if a “.SAMPLES” file is found, notify the user that they should convert the IFS Collection.
  • New User setting added to enable or disable the use of Windows local/region format (date/time and decimal point character) - if enabled, dialogs and views will display and accept input in locale format.
  • New “color only” correction setting to force engine to optionally correct using only reflectance data (ignoring opacity/transparency).

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