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Color iQC-iMatch v10.0.50.1

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v10.0.50.1

Previous Version: v10.0.20.1

Release Date: August 19, 2019

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


In addition to correcting several maintenance issues, Version 10.0.50 includes the following usability and performance improvements:

  • Modification to Industrial Correction workflow to change “Save Formula” button to “Approved”, users can now approve current trial result without correction.
  • Conversion of IFS Collection in a Job now exports colorant tags then re-imports them to the new EFX Collection colorants as part of the conversion process.
  • QCTreeView menu items have been added for exporting and importing Collection Colorant tags to and from ETF tag format files in shared system folder.
  • A Fast Match formulation method has been added to formulation settings. A new User setting has also been added to control automatic use of Fast Match when using full combinatorial and number of combinations is higher than user set limit.

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