Display Looks "Muddy" or "Washed Out" After Profiling - Mac

Symptoms might include:

Monitor looks "muddy" or "washed out" after profiling
Bad or unexpected results after profiling 

Please do the following in exactly this order:

  1. Quit the ColorMunki Display application if it is running
  2. Reset the monitor to factory defaults if the monitor’s OSD/menu has the option
  3. Open “System Preferences”  
  4. Click on “Displays”
  5. For the display being profiled, click on the “Color” tab
  6. Uncheck the “Show profiles for this display only” option
  7. Select a profile called “DisplayProfile_Linear.icc” by clicking on it in the profile list***
  8. Close the “System Preferences” window
  9. Launch ColorMunki Display
  10. Select “ColorMunki Display” from the Menu bar and then click on “Preferences”.   
  11. Set Display Technology type to correct setting for the display
  12. Unselect “Enable ADC” to disable this option
  13. Enable “Achieve display luminance value using video LUTs” option
  14. Close “Preferences”
  15. Profile the display using the “Advanced” mode as well as “D65” for white point and “Native” for luminance.
  16. If these results are good, feel free to profile to a specific luminance level.

*** If the “DisplayProfiler_Linear.icc” is not in the profile list, feel free to select any other display profile.  As soon as a different profile is selected, the appearance will change and the color cast should go away. 

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