Database not found - ShadeVision 4.0

Customer is receiving database errors when opening ShadeVision. Cause 1 - ShadeVision is installed as a network, and the client has been updated, but the server has not.

Solution 1 - Update the server while logged on with administrator rights. Make sure to reboot the server and then log back on with administrator rights.

Cause 2 - If the computer has Procera (Nobel Biocare) installed, and it was previously running fine with ShadeVision typical install (Procera patch installed).

Solution 2 - Undock instrument, close all programs and reinstall ShadeVision v.4.0. When doing so choose “Manually select setup options” and then “Typical”….

Cause 3 - If neither of the above is the case then a firewall is most likely blocking ShadeVision from accessing the database.

Solution 3 - If the Windows firewall is active (Windows XP default is “On”), use the following steps to set the proper exceptions:
·  Go to Control Panel and open the “Windows Firewall”
·  If it is “On”, go to the “Exceptions” tab, click the “Add Program” button and then “Browse”
·  Navigate to “fbserver.exe” and “fbguard.exe” by clicking “My Computer” \ “Local Disk (C:)” \ “Program Files” \ “Firebird” \ “Firebird_1_5 \ “bin”
·  Select “fbserver.exe” and then “Open”. Click “OK” and then make sure that it is checked in the “Windows Firewall” window
·  Repeat this procedure to add “fbguard.exe” as an exception
·  The computer MUST be shut down and rebooted to allow the exceptions to run properly.

If a firewall other than the Windows Firewall is being used, contact the manufacturer of that program to learn how to create exclusions or exceptions for "fbserver.exe" and “fbguard.exe”, to allow them access through the firewall. Unless this is done, ShadeVision will not be able to access its database.

Cause 4 - If Aruba eZ (Henry Schein's online ordering software) is installed on the computer, or some other software that uses "InterBase" as its database engine, there could be a conflict with “Firebird”.
Solution 4 - Click on the Additional Information article at the bottom of this page entitled: "Aruba eZ and ShadeVision v.4.0".

If the user is receiving an "SQL error", or other installation issue, please see the Additional Information articles listed below.

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