Database Maintenance with ShadeVision v.4.0

Customers may not know how to use Database Maintenance

ShadeVision implements the new database server; Firebird, which offers more accessible data manipulation features for larger databases.

WARNING: Please make sure there is a current backup before making any changes to the database.  It would also be a good idea to create an archive of the current database.  Click on the Additional Information article entitled; "Archiving a ShadeVision Database with v.4.00" on the bottom of this page for instructions on creating and accessing an archived database.

  1. Open ShadeVision Database Manager by going to Windows "Start" > All Programs > ShadeVision > Database Manager

  2. Select "Database Maintenance" from the home screen:

    User-added image

    An "Information" window reminding the user to backup their database will appear.  Click "OK" to access the following "Database Maintenance" window that is new in ShadeVision v.4.0:

    User-added image


    • Activate "Delete ALL by Date" and select a date from the drop-down menu to delete database items by date.  All work orders, restorations and measurements, that are older than the selected date will be deleted.
    • Activate "Delete Orphan Data" to delete data that is orphaned.  This will delete all measurements in the database, that are not used in a work order or restoration. It will also delete all work orders and restorations, that do not contain any measurements.
    • Activate "Delete Empty Patients" to delete patients that do not contain any work orders.
    • Activate "Delete Facility" and select a Facility from the drop-down menu, to delete this facility.  This deletes the name and all data of the selected facility from the database. It will also delete all patients that had been created by this facility.
    • Active "Combine Identical Operator Names" to remove duplicate names from the operator list. This is very useful, because on occasions, operators re-enter their names instead of selecting it from the list.

    After selecting the desired function, click on "Clean" to perform the selected maintenance task or click on "Exit" to close the Database Maintenance to avoid performing any cleaning at this time.


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