Copy and Paste ShadeVision Images

Dentists might want to send ShadeVision information to a dental lab that does not have ShadeVision and is unable to open the work order.  The dentist can save screen grabs and forward them to the dental lab.Copy and Paste ShadeVision Images

Often asked - How can I take the full color option or other screen captures within ShadeVision to another application such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Paint?  Easy...just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate within the ShadeVision application until the desired image is displayed.

  2. Next, simultaneously press the [Alt] and [PrtScrn] keys to place the active window onto the "Clipboard". 

  3. Open the application (such as, Paint) which is to receive the image and navigate to the desired location.

  4. Select [Ctrl + V] on your keyboard or right-click in the window and then left-click on "Paste" to copy the image to Paint, PowerPoint, or any other program.

  5. In Paint, you can select "File" and "Save As" to select the location, file name. and type or format to save it as.

Note that there are a multitude of free or inexpensive 'screen grabber' applications.  One of the better (opinion) choices is a product named "SnagIt".  More information about SnagIt can be found on the manufacturer's website (click here).  This utility program can greatly ease the task of assembling sets of images.  It allows finite regions to be selected as well as windows or entire screens. A multitude of file output options are also available

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