Configuring a Printer or Application to the 390/391

Users may need to learn how to configure their 390/391 to communicate with a printer or software application

The X-Rite 390/391 can communicate to a number of different printers or computer programs.  A list of these printers and programs can be accessed under the topic of: "Interfacing with Third Party Applications" on the Support page for both the 390 and 391 densitometers.  Please select the desired printer or application to view their configuration settings.  The suggested settings have been recommended by the third party vendor and should allow the densitometer to communicate to that printer or application.  These settings will include settings for "baud rate", "pin-5", "format", "r.c.i.", etc...

To access the Configuration Setup, follow these steps:

  1. From the "MAIN MENU", select [p1] and then press the [setup] key to enter the "SETUP MENU".
  2. In the "SETUP MENU", press the [I/O] key.
  3. Press either the [preset] or [custom] key to enter that menu.  If the desired setting is a preset ("Stylus", "Epson", "X-Read", etc...), then select the [preset].  Press the far left key to scroll to the desired setting and then press [load] to save and exit.
  4. If the set up will include individual settings for items like; "baud", "pin-5", and "r.c.i.", then select [custom].  Press the key under the item that you wish to set up.

Please see the 390/391 Operator's Manual (link below) with any additional questions about the Configuration Setup Procedure.

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