ColorMunki Tray Application not Allowing Computer to Shut Down

When shutting down the Mac OSX or Windows system my computer prompts me that the ColorMunki Tray Application is running and will not allow the system to be shut down.
The ColorMunki Display Tray application is a quick launch that can be located at the bottom right of the screen which allows users to easily launch the application. In cases where the computer is trying to shut down this process may be taking longer than other processes. If your system is trying to shut down but the tray is still running the message is just to let you know that this application is still running and needs to quit. 
On the Mac OSX system you can shut this off entirely by going to System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items. Here you will see the option for the ColorMunki Tray where you need to just uncheck the box to shut it off. Also, if you remove the ColorMunki Tray from the login items entirely it will not start back up when the computer is rebooted.

On the Windows system this can be turned off by the icon at the bottom right of the computer.

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