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ColorMunki Connected Before Software Installation

Before we move on to install the software, we will need to Uninstall this device from your systems Device Manager. The reason for this is that on a Windows based system, when a USB device (in this case the ColorMunki) is connected without the proper driver, the device is installed as an "Unknown Device". Once this happens it remains in this state unless we uninstall it.

To begin, Click the "Start" button in the lower left hand corner of your screen, then click on "Control Panel"

Control Panel Image

Then Click the "Printers and Other Hardware" Icon

Printer and Other Hardware Icon Image

Then Click on the "System" icon which you will find on the left hand side of the window

System Icon Image

Then Click the "Hardware" Tab

Hardware Tab Image

Click the "Device Manager" Button

Device Manager Image

Now you need to look for the ColorMunki, it will have either a Red X or a Yellow Exclamation Point over it like in one of the images below. What can be difficult here is that it may appear under "X-Rite Devices", "Universal Serial Bus Controlers", or a Category labelled "Unknown Devices".

Device Manager Image

Device Manager Image

Right click on the ColorMunki device name, then left click on "Uninstall"

Device Manager Image

You will see a message confirming that this is what you wish to do, please ckick the "OK" button

Device Manager Image

This willl take just a moment. You can then unplug the ColorMunki from the computer. Click the back arrow below to go back to the software installation instructions. Continue with this installation procedure leaving the ColorMunki upplugged until you are promted to connect it.


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