Checking the Lamp on a 390/391

Users may need to check their 390/391 lamp to see if needs to be replaced.  A bad lamp will typically produce reading or calibration errors.

Typically, an X-Rite 390/391 densitometer will begin to experience reading failures after the lamp is below 93% of its original use.  Replacement lamps can be purchased from X-Rite Customer Service.  The X-Rite part number for the lamp is: 880-07.  Please use the following steps to check the lamp on these densitometers:

  1. Go to the "MAIN MENU" by selecting the two [MENU] keys (the two buttons on the right).
  2. Press [p1] and then [p2].
  3. Tap the two middle buttons to access the "BIT MENU" and then select [lamp].
  4. If the stated lamp life is less than 93%, then it would be wise to replace that lamp.
  5. Press the [exit] button to exit to the "BIT MENU" and then tap both [MENU] buttons to return to the "MAIN MENU"

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