Can a Restoration be Measured Prior to Glazing?

Dental lab technicians might want to know if they can measure a restoration prior to glazing.
There are some ShadeVision dental labs measuring the restoration prior to a final glaze.  While X-Rite recommends that the restoration be measured for the "Virtual try-in" after completion, some technicians have experienced success in the bisque bake or pre-glaze stage by using Noritake™ Internal Stain Liquid.  A thin coat of this liquid seems to allow the technician the accurately assess how the restoration will look with a clear, natural glaze.  Measuring the restoration in this state can assist in determining how it should be modified with external stain in a final glaze bake.  This technique is based solely on feedback from dental labs using Noritake™ Internal Stain Liquid in this manner and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular product.  There could be other products available that can accurately simulate this as well.  If users are aware of such products, please contact X-Rite Customer Service and we would be happy to list them also.

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