Calibration Errors with ShadeVision

Customers may see the following errors while calibrating their ShadeVision:
  1. "Tip exposure overrange"
  2. "Calibration tip or plaque" error
  3. "Motor" or "Filter" error
  4. "...Cal ID error..."

The very first thing to check when receiving ShadeVision calibration errors would be to ensure that the calibration plaque and optics glass are perfectly clean and smear-free.  They can both be cleaned with water and a lint-free cloth... no solvents or abrasives.

Secondly, make sure that all cabling is securely connected and that the ShadeVision instrument is properly docked.  The calibration reference should be seated all the way down on the docking station and the disposable tip must be installed properly as well.

If a ShadeVision user is experiencing "Calibration tip or plaque" errors, "Tip exposure over range" errors, or similar errors during would be advisable to try resetting the instrument and reboot the PC.  Doing this can help clear the memory in both the instrument and computer in order to re-establish good communication.  Try the following if experiencing these errors:

  1. Undock the ShadeVision instrument.  If the LCD displays a box that says; "Are you measuring the same patient?" "Yes".  If the LCD displays a box that says; "Please calibrate the instrument" "OK". 
  2. Press the "System screen" button on the home screen of the LCD display.  This button is located in the lower left of the display and has a ShadeVision instrument icon on it. 
  3. Select the "Off" button and then "Yes" to the resulting box that asks; "Are you sure you want to turn off the instrument?".
  4. The instrument will turn off and any measurements that are still in the instrument will be lost. If the instrument fails to stay turned off... keep it undocked and wait until the LCD goes into "sleep" mode, touch it to wake it up, and then proceed with steps 1 - 3 above.   Keep the instrument undocked.
  5. Reboot the ShadeVision computer.
  6. After the computer is completely restarted, dock the instrument and test it.

If this fails to solve the calibration errors, contact X-Rite Customer Service. 

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