Calibrating the ShadeVision Instrument

Customer wants to know how the ShadeVision instrument calibrates

The ShadeVision instrument is programmed to require calibration before each patient is measured.  This is a quick process and ensures that your images will be of the highest accuracy and quality.  Before beginning, please ensure that the calibration plaque is meticulously clean and dry.  A fingerprint or other contamination will almost certainly result in poor color data.  To calibrate proceed as follows:

  1. Instrument must be properly docked with a new disposable tip on and a clean calibration plaque attached to the docking station.

  2. Click on “Measure Patient” on the home screen of the computer.

  3. Enter patient and operator names

  4. Click on the green arrow to proceed.

  5. The instrument will self calibrate. 

When the Calibration Bar reaches 100% and turns green, the software will read "Ready to Measure Patient". You may now begin measuring.

Note that the instrument can also be calibrated from "Advanced Menu" by simply clicking on "Calibrate Now".

Cleaning the ShadeVision Calibration Plaque:

The ShadeVision calibration plaque is the white ceramic tile that is on the back portion of the docking station.  When the instrument is docked with a tip on, the tip will be flush against the calibration plaque.  Because the instrument measures the calibration plaque several times during calibration, it is critical to ensure that the plaque is perfectly clean with no contamination, residue, fingerprints, or smudges. 

Clean the calibration plaque using a damp, lint-free cloth and wipe it dry with a second lint -free cloth.  Make sure no residue remains on the plaque.  Never use strong cleaners or abrasives as they can damage the calibration plaque.

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