Calibrating and Profiling Dual Monitors on Windows Platforms

Calibrating and Profiling Dual Monitors on Windows Platforms 

The Windows operating system is not able to set an individual ICC monitor profile for each of your dual monitors. This is something that is handled by the operating system and will occur in all Windows platforms including XP, Vista and Win7. This is a known issue with the operating system and only some video card models include a separate calibration curve loader.

To calibrate and profile dual monitors on Windows based system, your video card (driver) should provide the following features:

- Support for individual Video LUTs (lookup tables) for both monitors (support of two graphic chips)
- Support for handling individual ICC profiles for both monitors

If your video card does not support the handling of two ICC profiles, Microsoft provides a utility called Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet that allows to define individual ICC profiles for all of your connected hardware devices (monitor, printer, scanner, etc). This utility will run on Windows XP only. At the present time there is no work around for the Vista/Win7 platforms of this nature. If you are interested in further research on this applet you may locate the download and further documentation here.


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